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Eat For a Healthy Heart - Fill Up On Fiber!

In a defining study called Interheart, involving 52 countries, 15,152 cases and 14,820 controls subjects, showed that certain things help in a heart-healthy diet, and certain things increase the chances of heart attacks. The study revealed that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables are good for the heart. On the other hand, heavy and regular alcohol consumption, and other risk factors like obesity, diabetes, and cholesterol are bad for the heart. This is revealed by an associate consultant of the cardiac department of a hospital. Eating too often, snacking on food with high saturated and trans fats, and inadequate fiber intake are some of the causes that contribute to the risk factors mentioned before.

Instead of having foods with high trans fat, such as French fries, chips, nuggets and chicken thighs, you should choose stir-fried vegetables and stewed meat. Take a piece of fruit that can provide you with fiber rather than eating doughnuts and cookies that will are full of sugar. Do not eat beyond the enough calories that is necessary to maintain your ideal body weight. Stick to three main meals and skip snacks as far as possible. More importantly, "Fill Up On Fiber!" This is an advice urged by many dietitians and doctors.

Fiber is usually found in the skins of most fruits and many vegetables. Fiber adds bulk or roughage to the diet. Lack or not enough of it can cause constipation, piles, cardiovascular disease, and this may even increase the risk of colon cancer. As fiber is resistant to digestion, it is fermented slowly in the colon and it will stimulate the growth of good bacteria for a healthy gut. But unfortunately, most people do not like to eat foods of high fiber because they are either difficult to chew or they are tasteless. Nevertheless, if you wish to have a healthy heart, you probably have no choice. Don't wait till problems exist. By that time, it may be too late even if you seriously wish to take lots of fiber every day.

Working people like most of us can refer to the following suggestions as a reminder for us to take fiber on a daily basis.

  • Start the day with wholegrain such as wholemeal breads.

  • Eat at least one serving each of fresh fruit and vegetables at lunch and dinner.

  • Eat fruit and greens with the edible skin on. For example, eat apple without peeling its skin.

  • Bring a fruit to work. Having a fruit on the table serves as a reminder to eat it!

  • Ask for more vegetables when eating out.

Changing eating habit is definitely not easy. But, if we can do it slowly over time, we can eventually achieve it! Just remember this, "Healthy Diet is the Key to a Healthy Heart!"



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