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Life After Heart Attack

A neighbor of mine was home after a massive heart attack, caused by a very large, evil blood clot. According to what she understood from her cardiologist, a very large part of her heart was irreversibly damaged, and her life was going to have a change for good. No more smoking. No more red meat and shellfish such as crab, lobster, prawns and oysters, because they contain too much bad cholesterol. All the things that she liked were taken away. But she did not really care; she was too busy smiling.

She was only 33 years old and admitted that things could have been worse. Recalling back on her lifestyle, the way she worked and the way she ate. What if this heart attack occurred when she was 40, 53 or even older? She could then less fit or obese because of more cigarettes smoked or more roast beef eaten, and she could have been dead. Although she felt tired, weak, and a bit dazed but she was fortunate to be alive.

She admitted that she had this strange feeling whenever she hears some people talking about how they want to quit smoking, or lose weight; she has the urge to lean forward and recommends that they should have a mild heart attack. “Just a teensy little one, you know, just to clear the system”. Evangelism can be a wonderful thing, but it is positively frightening when it is that misplaced. Fortunately, nothing of this sort has ever happened.

She strongly believes that her heart attack was a warning, a severe, well deserved kick in the pants for being an irresponsible, nicotine-inhaling, grease-eating, beef-devouring, exercise-hating, computer-hugging loser. She very much treasures the second chance she had. She calls this her second life and she is going to live it well.

But she understands that her reincarnation is not going to be easy. She has to forget about what she used to do in the past: smoking a cigarette after a great deep-fried, soft-shell crab or other similar cholesterol-rich dinners followed by creamy desserts. But then, she figures that she had eaten some of the richest food in the world and she paid handsomely for it in the worst way possible. It is good that she can try a different lifestyle from now. Do not feel upset or miserable if you could eat wonderful things that she eat now, even with a diet as restricted as hers. Considering what she had experienced and what she had suffered, you should be smiling too and feel happy with the diet you are having right now.



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