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10 Tips To Drive Away Stress

If you do have a healthy diet with moderate exercise, but you are constantly under stress, there is still a possibility that you will become a candidate of heart disease. But one may tell you this: in the present competitive world, how can you live without stress? In reality, you can never escape stress. When you are young, you need face one examination after another. After graduation, you will face competition from your peers when you apply for jobs. After you get your jobs, you will have to fight with colleagues for promotion. And then you probably need to challenge with your competitors when you decide to start your family with your loved one. And there are many more incidents that could bring you stress of different multitudes. So, you need to manage your stress probably.

The following tips suggested by experts may help you to the certain extend to relieve or reduce your stress level.

Tip 1 - Exercise
Exercise causes the brain to release endorphins that ease pain and produce a sense of comfort and euphoria. People who have moderate exercise (not over exercise which will cause otherwise) actually go to sleep faster, are more refreshed, have sharper memory, better reaction times, and concentrate better. So pick one or two of your favorite games or sports.

Tip 2 - Take things step by step
Deal with changes one at a time as much as you can.

Tip 3 - Organize your time prioritize and schedule for breaks
Try to rank all tasks in the order of importance and start from the most important one.

Tip 4 - Break down your tasks
Subdivide every task, especially those complicated one, into smaller tasks or steps. In this way, you will have a clearer picture of what you must do first and how much time you will need to accomplish it. Then, do give yourself enough time to finish it.

Tip 5 - Make your worrying count
Do worry thing that you can really do something about it.

Tip 6 - Be realistic about your expectation
You should know your own limits and abilities. Always ask for help if you need it.

Tip 7 - Look inwards
Do not over-react. Look at the facts and do not just go with your feeling. Sometime, looking at thing from another angle can may actually relieve you from having unnecessary stress.

Tip 8 - Make time for family and friends
Spend some time with your loved one. Talk things out with them.

Tip 9 - Wind down the day
Take some time to unwind at the end of the day. For example, you could have a warm bath or read a comic or anything you like to do.

Tip 10 - Learn to relax
Do deep breathing, muscle relaxation exercises, and have a massage or visualize pleasant scenes.



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