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What Is The Danger Of Prediabetes?

If someone asks me, do you want a piece of chocolate cake? Most of the time, I will certainly say yes, unless I am too full for it. I think most of you will probably have the same reaction as mine. There is nothing wrong as this just indicates that majority of us like sweet stuff.

Nevertheless, if you are diagnosed with prediabetes, then you may want to read the following report before say yes to a slice of chocolate cake!

Wonder what is prediabetes? When a person has impaired fasting glucose (IFG) or glucose intolerance (IGT), he or she is said to have prediabetes, with blood sugar levels higher than normal. It is a condition that will progress over time into the development of diabetes if it is not properly managed and controlled.

A recent study conducted by researchers in Australia has found that adults with prediabetes increase their risk of heart disease by more than 50 percent, comparing with individuals with normal glucose levels.

More than 10,000 adults were monitored by the researchers in the study over a period of 5 years. Out of these adults, more than 800 suffered from diabetes, 1,300 had impaired glucose tolerance, more than 600 had impaired fasting glucose, and the rest had normal blood sugar levels.

What the study discovered at the end of 5 years was that those with impaired glucose tolerance and fasting glucose increased their risk of heart disease by 50 percent and 60 percent respectively, when compared with normal blood sugar levels.

High blood sugars can actually damage one's arteries over time, just like water pipes blocked by scaly calcium deposits over many years. People with prediabetes already have slightly higher blood sugar. Many of them will develop diabetes unconsciously with even higher blood sugar, thus increasing their risk of heart disease. Symptoms rarely occur during prediabetes stage and the best way to diagnose the condition is to take an oral glucose test.

Prediabetes and diabetes are more common as we get older. People who are 40 and above, with hypertension (high blood pressure) and high blood cholesterol, who are obese or overweight, have a family history of diabetes, smoke and do not exercise on a regular basis, are most at risk. Women had diabetes during a previous pregnancy can also have prediabetes. The advice for people who have high-risk profile is to go for screening and blood test regularly.

Can the condition be reduced? Yes, this is possible. Do seek advice from your doctors. Medication can definitely do the job. But, most of the time, a change in one's diet and lifestyle is good enough to reduce or even reverse the condition.



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